Welcome to Jerry Yen's Fanlisting. This site is dedicated to Taiwanese celeb/male artist Jerry Yen. After watching the Taiwanese series of Meteor Garden which is based on a Japanese manga series called "Hana Yori Danga (Boys Over Flowers)". I wanted to make a fansite/fanlisting decided to Jerry Yen! Feel free to browse around the site and make sure you join too! Thanks!

Fanlisting Updates

Fanlisting created on: February 10, 2008

Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 12th July 2013
Member count: 7
Pending members: 4
Newest members: Alex, Alan, and Pingkan.isabella

Fanlisting Updates-
August 23, 2009:
No new members have join since 31st May 2009.

Member's List Alert!
*Still having problems with spamer joining the member's list. Need to find a script that can provide spammer joining so real fans can join only!

"Since 31st May 2009- I was having problems with spam entries. I will be contincing to delete all spam entries. So please if you want to join please put a real name (first) or nickname and real email address and if you have a website please give me a workable website link and make sure you have either a text link or one of the codes linking back to the fanlisting. Thanks so much!"

Apart of:


KANPAI! Exchange

Website Updates

February 1, 2009:
All new updates have been moved over to "Tsukiyama-sama's Websites Update News"


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