This section contains any Frequently Asked Questions. Below are a few that I have answer. If you have any questions that you don't see here feel free and email them to me! Thanks!

1) Who is Jerry Yen?
Check out Jerry's Bio page for more information.

2) Do you have a section about the lastest new on Jerry?
Well no. Why? because most of my information that I get are from other fans posted from various forums/websites. Also I do not know Taiwanese, Chinese or what other language that the news is written in to translate it. If there was a fan that want to keep up with a lastest new section here your more and welcome to contact me and go from there.

3) What is a Fanlisting"?
A fanlisting is a place where fans with the same common interest, in this case Jerry Yen Fanlisting, can come together and try to build the biggest listing of people worldwide who have the same interest in the subject as they do. To learn more about fanlistings, or to find more fanlists to join, please visit The Fanlistings website.

4) Since this is a fanlisting for Jerry Yen I was wondering can I join too?
Well yes your more and welcome to join my fanlisting! I would love to see this fanlisting grow more and more! In order to join please check out the Join Page!

5) Can I use any of the images posted here?
Well most of the images on the Jerry's Bio page I have gotten them from the net and I don't mind you using them, but I do ask if you could mention that you've gotten the image(s) from my site. The only images that you can not use are any of the graphics in the graphic gallery without the artist's appove first. I suggest you get in contact with the artist before you use any of their images! You can not use any of the CDs and Meteor In Barcelona photobook scans. Those were scan in from me.

6) When are updates?
There is no set date or time when I update the site. I try to update when I can on weekends or either once or twice a month, but it all depends if I'm not busy with my full time work during the weekdays or my personal life. People I do have a real life to deal with to than being online! Member's list is updated daily from Enthusiast script that I use.

7) Can I bug/email you when the next update?
NO! Please no... I already get alot of emails about these types of questions. I don't have the time expand the same then over and over in each email/message that I get. So I suggest to all of you to keep an eye on the update page. Thats where I will post information/news on when those pages are up!

If you have any question feel free to email me!

If you see something wrong or like to add some information feel free to let me know! You may see them here?!