Jerry Yen Works

Jerry Yen's Works
Below is a list of Jerry's Yen's Works. If you check on each drama, movie and ablums you can find out more information.

Dramas Starring Jerry Yen
~ Ma La Xian Shi / Great Teacher/Spicy Teacher (Happy Campus)(2000)
Portrays / Hong Ming Long *Coming Soon*
~ Nuu Sheng Xiang Qian Zou/ (2001) *Coming Soon*
~ Liu Xing Hua Yuan / Meteor Garden (2001)
~ Liu Xing Yu / Meteor Rain (2001)
~ Lei Ai Shang Heng / Love Scar (2001)
~ Liu Xing Hua Yuan 2 / Meteor Garden II (2002)
~ Lai Wo Jia Ba / Come to My Place (2002)
~ Bai Se Ju Ta / The Hospital (2006)

Movies Starring Jerry Yen
~ Mo Huan Chu Fang / Magic Kitchen (2004)

Commercials that Jerry Yen has appear in!
(Note: I do not have any information on any of these commericals, just the name of each commerical that Jerry has appear in.)
~ Biffi Drink
~ Tobaby Shampoo (with Michelle Saram and Big S)
~ Pepsi (with F4 & individual)
~ Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch (with F4)
~ Siemen's Cellphones (with F4)
~ Lu Piao's Shampoo (with F4)
~ Mingle Shoes (with F4)
~ CL-Sept Contacts (with Vic Zhou)
~ Yamaha (with F4)
~ 7-11
~ Legend (with F4)
~ Chewing Gum
~ Oral-B

~ Liu Xing Hua Yuan / Meteor Garden (with F4) *Coming Soon*
~ Liu Xing Yu / Meteor Rain (with F4) *Coming Soon*
~ Liu Xing Hua Yuan 2 / Meteor Garden II (with F4) *Coming Soon*
~ Fantasy 4ever (with F4)
~ Di Yi Ci / Jerry for You
~ The Hospital Original TV Soundtrack *Coming Soon*
~ You Are My Only Persistence Single (Opening Theme song from The Hospital Original TV Soundtrack) *Coming Soon*

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