Love Scar

Love Scar

* Title: Lei Ai Shang Heng / Lian Ai Shang Heng
* Also known as: Wounds of Passion / The Wound of Fierce Love / Love Scar
* Episodes: 5
* Broadcast network: CTS
* Broadcast year: 2002
* Producer: Chai Zhi Ping
* Production Company: Comic Ritz

* Jacky Cheung as He Zi Liang
* Karen Mok as Gen Sha
* Jerry Yen as Zhang Zi Lin
* Michael Tao as Ah Chuan
* Li Xuan as Mei Zhi
* Tang Qi as Housekeeper
* Winnie Qian as Mei Shu
* Zhang Ben Yu as Jing Jing

Love Scar is the story of one woman who found herself torn between the love of two brothers. Zi Lin and Gen Sha met in a tour to Japan, and were eventually attracted to each other despite of their age difference. They continued their relationship back in Taiwan and was found out by Zi Lin's mother. Since Zi Lin was still a university student at that time, his mother begged Gen Sha to leave him. Unaware of the real reason, Zi Lin was devastated with their break up. He kept his anger in his heart, and swore not to get into serious relationships with other women. Years later, Zi Lin was introduced to his sister-in-law who happened to be Gen Sha. Zi Lian, his brother, was unaware of their past. The relationship became complex until Zi Lin and Zi Lian discovered the truth. Gen Sha then decided to leave the brothers and live a new life.

This series is based off a manga called "Ai no Memai Ai no Kizu" ("Love Scar") by Yukari Ichijo which was completed in 2 volumes.
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