Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden

* Title: Liu Xing Hua Yuan
* English title: Meteor Garden
* Episodes: 27
* Broadcast network: CTS
* Broadcast period: 2001.04.21 to ?
* Air time: Thursday 9:00pm
* Opening theme song: (Qing Fei De Yi) by Harlem Yu
* Ending theme song: (Ni Yao De Ai) by Penny Tai
* Producer: Chai Zhi Ping
* Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun

* Barbie Xu as Shan Cai
* Jerry Yen as Dao Ming Si
* Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei
* Ken Zhu as Xi Men
* Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo

Extended Cast:
* Rainie Yang as Xiao You
* Winnie Qian as Teng Tang Jing
* Edward Ou as Qing He
* Ye An Ting as Li Zhen
* Belinda Cheng as Bai He
* Wang Yue as Shan Cai's Mother
* Dong Zhi Cheng as Shan Cai's Father
* Zhen Xiu Zhen as Dao Ming Feng
* Mary Hsu as Dao Ming Zhuang
* Lan Cheng Long as Yamen
* Zhang Ruo Zhen as Qian Hui
* Ke Huan Ru as Xiao Zi
* Liu Er Jin as Dao Ming family's butler
* A Liang as college professor cameo
* Wallace Chung as Ah Sung cameo
* Xu Wei Lun as Ah Xun cameo

Shan Cai, a lower middle class citizen, is attending Ying De University, the private school made exclusively for rich citizens. Besides being looked down upon by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families and they donated a lot of money to the school so nobody dares to challenge them. This poor girl dared to attack DMS, which nobody has done before, and made DMS sprout an interest toward her. However, his constant torture of her has made her hate him, but made her fall in love with Hua Ze Lei, who helped her during DMS's torturing. Can DMS get her love through his cold and cruel exterior? Will their love last when everyone is trying to break them up? What happens when his fiancee comes and his mother has used all the worst ways to keep her from him?

Meteor Garden is based off a Japanese manga named "Hana Yori Dango" (Boys Over Flowers) by Yoko Kamio.

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