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Below are Lilly's Fanlisting that she currently hosts here on Lilly's Asian Drama Shrines Directory.

++ Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting/Fansite (BSSMLA)++
Drama Series/LiveAction | Devoted to Pretty Guardian
Apart of: BSSM.NU's Network
Opened: January 14, 2004
Description: The Glitter Web Directory, Deep Submerge Directory, SailorMoonLinks, Listed @ Acid-Lemon, JListings, MoonFans, Listed @, Sailor Search, The Taboolistings, Anime Links, Koimizu!- Anime and Game Listing and Still a Moonie approved fanlisting for the Drama Series/LiveAction of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action series.

++ Explore: Jerry Yan's Fanlisting ++
Jerry is best known for his role in Meteor Garden (aka Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers) live action drama series, member of a Taiwanese Band- F4 and other Taiwanese Drama Roles.
Music: Male Artist | Devoted to Jerry Yan a Taiwanese celeb/male artist
Apart of: Lilly's Asian Drama Shrines Directory
Opened: *Coming Soon* Layout finish, currently working on adding in all the information- Fanlisting will be up by the end of the year! This Fanlisting is also apart of my Lilly's Asian Drama Shrines Directory.
Description: Not yet approve from The

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